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 Gears Of War

Shko poshtë 

Numri i postimeve : 493
Filloi me : 20/05/2009
Vendodhja : Kat muj!!Kur Tmuj!!

MesazhTitulli: Gears Of War   Fri May 29, 2009 11:44 pm

Gears of War is a 2006 third-person shooter video game developed by
Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was initially
released as an exclusive title for the Xbox 360 in November in North
America, Australia, and most of Europe and included a "Limited
Collector's Edition" with added content and an art book titled
Destroyed Beauty that detailed much of the game's back-story. Despite
the initial statements of Xbox 360 exclusivity, a Microsoft Windows
version of the game was developed in conjunction with People Can Fly
and released a year later, featuring new content including additional
campaign levels and a new multiplayer game mode; a Mac OS X version has
also confirmed to be in development.[citation needed]

The game centers on the soldiers of Delta Squad as they fight to
save the human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from a
relentless subterranean enemy known as the Locust Horde. The player
assumes the role of Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and war-hardened
soldier. The game is based on the use of cover and strategic fire for
the player to advance through the scenarios; a second player can play
cooperatively through the main campaign to assist. The game also
features several online multiplayer game modes for up to eight players.

Gears of War sold over three million copies in just ten weeks and
was the fastest-selling video game of 2006, and was the second-most
played game over Xbox Live during 2007. The game has since sold over
five million copies by September 2008. The game was well-received by
critics, praising its gameplay and detailed visuals, and won several
"Game of the Year" awards in 2006. The success of the game has led to
the development of the Gears of War franchise, including the 2008
sequel Gears of War 2 and adaptations to books, comics, and a feature
film on the way.

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Gears Of War
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